Thursday, November 12, 2009

Siemens Gigaset enters into Indian market with the launch of new cordless phones

Gigaset Communications, one of the world's largest manufacturers of cordless telephones under the brand Siemens Gigaset, has entered the Indian market with the launch of new premium cordless phones. The European market leader with its headquarters in Munich and its primary production site in Bocholt (Germany) brings stylish cordless phones with broad functionality to Indian households. The new office is based at Mumbai and it will cater to the growing needs of Indian consumers.

Gigaset Communications brings stylish cordless phones with great functionality to Indian households. The new Siemens Gigaset phones are of superior quality and easy-to-use. These multi-talents also prove their value for everyday use in households and small offices with their convenient features. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the new models from Gigaset Communications are elegant and energy-efficient.

At the launch in Mumbai José Costa e Silva, CEO, Gigaset Communications GmbH said, "We are delighted to launch our presence in India. As the European market leader in cordless phones and a premium manufacturer we look forward to providing innovative and high quality products to a discerning and growing Indian consumer base. Within a very short time period we will gain significant market share and shape the market to the benefit of the Indian customers."

Siemens Gigaset as a brand is synonymous with exceptional functionality for home communication. And with the launch of Gigaset products, the consumers in India will have a wider choice of cordless home communication products. It is a strategic move based on the fact that the Indian telecommunications market is the fifth largest in the world and second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. With India's large population base, there is great opportunity to drive huge volume of business.

Made in Germany-High quality and performance

The new cordless phones by Siemens Gigaset offer high quality performance and cutting-edge design. The models are built for easy use and durability. An average of half of all households in Germany and one in five in Europe now make their phone calls with a Siemens Gigaset made in Germany.

"Siemens Gigaset has proven that technology is a viable choice for consumers desiring the best sound quality possible from cordless phones. Gigaset's new phones redefine the standards for sound quality, energy-efficiency and home entertainment décor. Gigaset Communications stays committed to developing technology and products that go beyond current expectations of value, quality and innovation. Hence, we feel that this is a good time to launch our operations in India" added CEO José Costa e Silva.

Top-Notch Sound Quality

Brilliant sound, a convenient hands-free function and a headset connection make phone calls easy with the new Gigaset home phones.

ECO WDTC technology saves power bills

Thanks to Gigasets ECO WDTC technology customers can expect to use up to 60 % less energy savings. Feature phones, such as the Siemens Gigaset A680/685, C580 and S880 offer the ECO WDCT mode.

The launch of the operations in India and the opening of the new office in Mumbai mark Gigaset Communications' commitment to expanding its presence in South Asia and the next stage in the successful implementation of its international growth strategy. The company's commitment to a truly global strategy has been demonstrated by its impressive growth in Europe and Middle East. This dynamic expansion has added new locations to the existing network and has also brought the people closer worldwide.

Gigaset cordless phones are now in India and available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata at electronics stores and leading Hypermarkets.
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