Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life…with Reebok's HexRide

Since Reebok created the first-ever track and field spike back in 1895, it has always held innovation as it's paramount global brand value. Over the years, Reebok has paved the way with innovative technologies such as The Pump, DMX and ERS cushioning systems, Kinetic Fit system and many more. For spring 2008, Reebok launches the new state-of-the-art technology - HexRide. HexRide will be featured in performance running footwear.

Reebok's HexRide running footwear collection features a hexagonal, honeycomb-style build which is one of the top strength to weight ratio constructions engineering can offer. Providing consumers with the best of both worlds, HexRide technology features exceptional cushioning while still providing a lightweight ride. The evolution of Reebok's Hexalite technology, which was previously only featured in the heel or forefoot of the shoe, HexRide technology is dramatically larger and more impactful, both functionally and visually, covering the entire bottom of the shoe. HexRide technology will be featured in performance running styles such as the SmoothFit HexRide (suggested retail price Rs 5990) Operator HexRide (suggested retail price Rs 5490) Hex Exec (suggested retail price Rs 4490) and HexRide Rally (suggested retail price Rs 6490).

Mr. Sajid Shamim, Director Marketing and Product, Reebok India Company said, "Reebok's Hex Ride Footwear Collection is both innovative performance and fashion- forward lifestyle product. The hexagonal build is a natural, efficient, and energy saving pattern allowing more stable and softer ride. The HexRide products will play an integral role in Reebok's new spring 2008 collection."

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