Monday, November 16, 2009

Cyberoam launches Endpoint Data Protection

Cyberoam, the vendor of Identity-based Unified Threat Management Solutions, announced the launch of its End Point Data Protection suite to secure corporate data and manage IT assets. This suite extends Cyberoam's security protection from the gateway to the endpoint, reinforcing its presence as a complete security provider.

The extensive use of removable storage devices and file sharing applications makes end points the most vulnerable areas with research statistics showing more than 50% data loss incidents originating at end points. The average total cost of a corporate data breach stands at $6.3 million and lost business accounts for 65% of breach costs, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. End point data protection is thus increasingly being recognized as the critical immediate step in cutting data losses and delivering immediate ROI.

Cyberoam's End Point Data Protection suite fills the gap for a dedicated end point security solution with available solutions being highly priced and targeted at the enterprise segment. Supporting up to 3000 users, Cyberoam meets the data protection requirements of SMB and enterprise segments.

Says Harish Chib, Vice-President - New Business Development, Cyberoam, "Blended threats do not distinguish between the gateway and the end point to gain entry. With the launch of the end point data protection suite, Cyberoam will secure organizations at the gateway and the desktop, offering a single, complete security cover for organizations."

Cyberoam's End Point Data Protection suite consists of four modules - Data Protection and Encryption, Device Management, Application Control and Asset Management. With its policy-driven data protection and asset management, the suite delivers Identity and group-based policy control as well as activity logging to provide comprehensive control and visibility of data transfer over removable devices; applications; chat applications such as Skype, MSN and more; network sharing and printers.
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