Friday, June 5, 2009

Saigi carpet ''ray of hope'' for dying Bhadoi carpet industry

The growing export of Saigi carpet has not only proved a hit in the Gulf countries, but also revived the recession-affected Bhadoi carpet industry in Uttar Pradesh.

The economic meltdown had adverbely affected the production and export of the carpets to a large extent.

The child labour was another factor that had minimised the export of the carpets from the state to the US and several European countries.

However, the growing popularity of the synthetic Saigi carpet in the Gulf countries have saved the Bhadoi carpet industry from dying.

The Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) had recently organised an exhibition in Gulf countries, where Saigi carpet remained a hit and bagged a good number of orders, CEPC Deputy Regional Director Vijay Sinha said.

These orders were eyed as a ray of hope for the drowning carpet industry of Bhadoi, he added.

So far, the export of the Indian carpets was restricted to the western countries, where in the United states comprised the largest pie of 40 per cent. Canada, France, Germany and Britain were the other countries, where Carpets were exported.

For the past sometime, the export of the carpets suffered due to the global economic slump.

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