Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HTC launches "Touch Diamond2" in India

Taiwanese smart phone maker HTC will launch the second generation Android powered mobile phones in India by this year end following the great success in the US and Japanese markets, a top official of the company said today.

Disclosing this at the national launch of ''HTC Touch Diamond2'' mobile phones that integrates innovation and simplicity with unique style and intuitive interface, HTC India Country Head Ajay Sharma said the company's cell phones, powered by Android platform, had been very successful in the two markets.

He said Microsoft Windows would be the key platform for the company's progress in India, through it was committed to introduce Android technology.

He said the 3G powered Touch Diamond2 perfectly balances function, form factor and cutting-edge technology to personalise communication and mobile Internet experience.

Diamond2 would be available at a market operating price of Rs 29,990 at HTC authorised resellers across the country from today.

''The Diamond2 ushers in a mobile communication experience that simplifies how we communicate with people in our lives, whether through voice, text or email,'' he said.

He said HTC had emerged as the third top mobile phone brand in India within two years of entry into the market.

In 2008 it had sold three lakh handsets ranging from Rs 13,000 to Rs 42,000, a growth of 300 per cent over 2007. During the current calendar year, HTC was expecting to achieve a growth of 100 per cent in sales volume, he said.

He said the new products moots a new people-centric communication approach, providing a single contact view that displays the individual conversation history of contacts regardless of whether voice, text or e-mail were used. This could be viewed from the contact card or in-call screen during a phone conversation, ensuring the latest communication contact-by-contact is always at held.

''Since our inception in India, the past two years has proven to be exceptional for HTC in terms of customer acceptance and growth volumes. HTC is now offering 16 models of smart phones in the country and four new models would be released by the year end,'' he said.

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