Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ocimum Biosolutions Launches Genowiz 4.0, A Comprehensive Gene Expression Analysis Software

Ocimum Biosolutions, a leading provider of integrated genomics solutions, has announced the release of GenowizT 4.0, a comprehensive solution for gene expression analysis. The latest version makes the process of microarray data analysis simpler with a host of features such as AutoGuide to execute automated work flows for analyzing data, addition of organisms/genomes, automatic update of annotations, PLIER algorithm, data export in different formats, box plots and enhanced scatter plots.

"Ocimum aims to be the number one genomics outsourcing partner in the world. GenowizT is a key product central to our vision of providing integrated end-to-end genomic solutions for our valued customers by combining biology and IT in an easy-to-use interface to handle different kinds of expression and genotyping formats such as Affymetrix, Agilent and Ocimum", says Anuradha Acharya, CEO of Ocimum Biosolutions. "Unlike most of the other tools of the same genre in the market, GenowizT is envisioned by expert biologists and implemented using sound algorithms. This means that it has great features which are tailor-made for experimental biologists", adds Dr. Ashwin Sivakumar, Director, Marketing Alliances and Outreach.

GenowizT is a comprehensive microarray data analysis package that effectively assists researchers in generating significant biological conclusions, right from data upload through analysis and visualization. The strong algorithms of GenowizT can analyze microarray data formats from various sources, be it academics or industries. GenowizT allows researchers to organize experimental information (MIAME), import data files quickly and easily, work simultaneously with multiple experiments, import gene annotation files, pre-process and normalize data, perform cluster analysis, classify and view gene information, perform functional classification and track down intricate correlations in data by performing pathway analysis. All analysis performed is saved in database and can be retrieved as required.

About Ocimum Biosolutions:

Ocimum Biosolutions is an integrated life-sciences R&D enabling company providing focused solutions for different steps of the genomics process chain. After joining hands with Gene Logic, we offer a strong BioResearch portfolio including knowledge bases in Genomics and solutions in Toxicogenomics, Pharmacogenomics and Clinical Genomics.

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