Tuesday, March 4, 2008

UFO Moviez Revolutionizes Digital Cinema with over 1000 Theatre Installation

With its constant endeavor and commitment to revolutionize the entertainment industry, UFO Moviez, the leaders in digital cinema technology, has successfully completed installation in more that 1000 cinemas across country. UFO Moviez, the first mover in digital space has released over 600 movies in 17 languages in within a short span of 2 years. Apart from its existing strong foothold in India, UFO International has also completed successful installations in 21 screens across Nepal, Sri Lanka and Mauritius within a span of 2 months.

Enthralled with the development, Mr. Rajesh Mishra, CEO, UFO Moviez, says "When we started the project of digitization, we had nothing but complete faith in our endeavor and the next demand of entertainment industry in India. Today after completing two years and 1000 cinemas installation, I am proud of our dream which has not only changed the cinema viewing experience but has given manifold dimensions to the film industry on the whole. In less than two years, UFO Moviez has become the world’s largest satellite based digital cinema chain with over 1000 theatres receiving all movies First Day, First Show. I want to thank each member of UFO family, including industry torchbearers and viewers, who accepted us with open arms. Crossing 1000 cinema installation is just the beginning of the revolution to come."

UFO Moviez has made a significant contribution to the growing film industry by providing Indian consumers flexible programming and high-quality viewing experience. Treading the path of revolution, UFO Moviez has been able to change the way entertainment industry was always looked upon. Bringing a 360 degree change in the business spectrum, in the year 2007 alone UFO technology has helped theatre owners and producers save a huge amount of money on the print cost. After bringing in the radical change in the Indian entertainment industry, UFO Moviez is now marching towards making its mark in Hollywood movies with first release being Rambo IV in breakthrough 98 theatres.

Some important statistics

Ø 1000 Installations complete

Ø 600 movies released in 17 languages

Ø Rs. 12,740 /- bookings done (in 1st week of release)

Ø Rs. 76,44,00,000 /- saved on the print cost

Ø 2,80,040 shows held using UFO technology

Ø Rs. 105 crore contributed towards entertainment tax

Digital Cinema heralds a new era for the cinema industry. According to a PriceWater Cooper report, the Indian film entertainment industry is poised to grow from the present size of Rs 9600 crore to Rs 17,500 crore by 2011, implying a 16% cumulative annual growth over the next five years. The advanced technology that UFO Moviez brings with it is helping the Indian film industry in all the spheres including film production, film exhibition and marketing.

The advent of digital technology is playing a pivotal role in Bollywood’s boom with operators like UFO Moviez bringing the delivery of films straight to the theatre via digital satellite delivery. In view of the significant impact that the technology will have on the cinema industry and the significant growth potential, UFO Moviez is therefore taking the lead to develop the Digital Cinema industry and to stake its position as an early-mover in the digital space.

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