Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toxic Tort Lawsuit Filed Against IBM

Nearly 100 residents of Endicott—the birthplace of IBM—and the neighboring town of Union have filed a toxic tort lawsuit against the company, claiming that contamination from a local IBM plant caused health problems and property devaluation.
Decades of Contamination
"This is contamination involving toxic contamination in the groundwater that then through vapor intrusion got into people's homes. And it's contamination we believe has been there back into the 1960s," said attorney Stephen Schwarz.
However, the contamination was not known until 2003 and now the contamination is being cited as the source of cancer, birth defects and other ailments suffered by local residents.
Compensating Victims
Attorneys for the plaintiffs say they "have one simple goal, to get reasonable compensation for the injuries our clients have sustained."
More lawsuits against the company are expected to follow in the coming months on behalf of about 900 Endicott and Union residents.

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