Monday, January 28, 2008

Alabot Partners with mobile-worx to Launch Intelligent SMS Search Using Alabot's A.I., NLP Platform

Alabot has announced its partnership with mobile-worx, a leading mobility solutions firm to launch Intelligent SMS Search in India.
The service will be powered by a "bot" - a self directed intelligent agent, who understands natural human language and interacts with users using non syntax based data inputs.

This Intelligent SMS Search will enable users to search the directory of users (from open social networks), mobile content, local business directories, local deals, train / flight tickets, hotel deals and movie tickets for major cities in India. Users can eventually transact through the service.
The service will be completely supported through mobile advertising as a primary business model and contextually relevant ads will be inserted during the conversation as recommendations by the bot.
This interactive interface represents the next step in the usability of mobile SMS applications and will remove the frustrating roadblock of remembering keywords of short code based services by combining and aggregating local search in an extremely user friendly interface.
Users can search using phrases from English, Hindi and other languages without having to remember syntax, sentence structure or multiple short codes
Both Alabot and mobile-worx are in the process of forming alliances with a slew of content partners that will drive the search service.
ZestADZ - India's leading mobile ad marketplace will serve contextually relevant text advertisements and related offers that will be recommended to the user during the conversation, making the service highly contextual and non invasive.
"Alabot is a paradigm shift in how SMS services are used currently and we are pleased to be partnering with mobile -worx to take this innovative product to market." said Akshat Shrivastava, CEO of Alabot.
"Intent marketing works - this has been proven time and again. This service will better understand the users intent and make recommendations to him delivering compelling value to advertisers", said Asif Ali, President, mobile-worx.

About Alabot
We are a company working on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing algorithms. Our vision is to "Talk Enable" any application and progressively enhance the reach and usability of search, enterprise applications and user interface platforms.
Alabot enabled applications are extremely simple to use and require no learning curve as you can talk to the application naturally. Simple easy to use technology which monetizes chat intelligently.
The uses of our bot are widespread over different mediums like Mobiles, Personal Instant Messengers and the Web platforms. The idea being we understand the need for business and individuals to make decisions on the fly, and that human responses are dynamic, and thus need more than generic statements to give relevant replies. Alabot's algorithm custom solution which consists of a rule engine, NLP engine and parser, helper API hooks etc understands queries and smoothens the transactional process
Ala has been designed ground up to work as a Rapid Application Development Platform, where business rules can be applied, NLP and the phonetic engine configured thereby enabling the application to be up and running in a few weeks across all
connected mediums.
Akshat Shrivastava is the CEO of Alabot. A serial entrepreneur, he handles strategy and direction at Alabot.
Gaurav Prasad is the CTO of Alabot and leads research and development of the product. GP is a pioneer in creating innovative applications and is based out of Noida, India.
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About ZestADZ
ZestADZ - India's leading mobile advertising marketplace. ZestADZ is a multi-format (WAP, SMS and mobile-video) advertising platform. ZestADZ delivers highly targeted and relevant ads and delivers compelling value to users, publishers and advertisers. ZestADZ embodies the core tenets of Seth Godin's permission based marketing.
For more information on ZestADZ visit

About mobile-worx
mobile-worx is a leading provider of mobility solutions with offices in US, India and Malaysia.
Mobile-worx has offices in Chennai, Mumbai (Bombay), Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.
For more information on mobile-worx, please visit

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