Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update Google Mobile Products on your BlackBerry with One Click

f you find it hard to keep your BlackBerry up to date with Google's expanding mobile product suite, we hope we just made your life a little easier. The new Google Mobile Updater for BlackBerry makes it simple for you to stay informed and current by telling you when new products and updates are available for your phone and allowing you to install them with a single click. The Updater will even put an icon for each product on your BlackBerry's main menu, making it as easy as possible for you to get to your favorite Google mobile products.

Now you can easily get the latest Google mobile applications like Google Maps for Mobile with My Location (the magical blue circle on your map), and web applications like Picasa Web Albums and Google Docs -- all of which you can choose to install to your BlackBerry's main menu for easy access.

Google Mobile Updater is also the only way you can get the latest, fastest Google mobile search for BlackBerry. In under a second, you can start entering your query without waiting to load the Google home page. This saves you valuable time when you are trying to find the answer to that quiz question, the address of a nearby restaurant or the latest price of your favorite stock. You can assign a convenience key to make it even easier to access Google search.

To get Google Mobile Updater, visit on your BlackBerry and click "Download all" under "Get all Google products in one go." From there, you can get the latest Google search application by selecting "Search" and then "Update." Note that right now, Google Mobile Updater and the new Google search experience are only available for BlackBerry devices in the U.S. In the future, whenever we launch new products or updates we will let you know by changing the Google Mobile Updater icon to have a green arrow, like this:

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