Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Regenetech Signs an Exclusive License to Commercialize its cellXpansion(TM) Technology in Mexico

Regenetech, Inc., the tissue regeneration technology company which has built upon NASA licensed technology, today announces that it has signed a Mexican, country-exclusive license for its cellXpansion(TM) technology with Regenevita, a new Mexican company.

The exclusive agreement with the newly formed Regenevita will allow Regenetech's cellXpansion(TM) technology to be made available for clinical applications in Mexico. Under the terms of the exclusive agreement, Regenevita will use Regenetech's technology to expand (multiply) human progenitor cells from blood for use in research and development activities with the ultimate objective of commercializing the stem cell expansion process for the benefit of patients in Mexico. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed at this time.

Carlos Morett, CEO of Regenevita, commented: "Regenevita's goal is to become a leader in Mexico in the tissue regeneration area. We are delighted to begin working with Regenetech and their strong cellXpansion(TM) technology position in this area. We believe we can enable the widespread use in Mexico of tissue regeneration therapy, revolutionary medical treatment that benefits all people, with cellXpansion technology."

David Bonner, CEO of Regenetech, added: "We are optimistic that this agreement will lead to increased, rapid innovations in the regenerative therapy field, expedite human clinical studies, and ultimately, lead to clinical use. We look forward to working closely with Regenevita to progress the technology, in addition to increasing our activities in Mexico."

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