Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Colston Concepts Launches The 'Colston European Star Spa'

A brand known since 2000 for providing exceptional bathing products and services, Colston Concepts launched the 'COLSTON EUROPEAN STAR SPA' for the first time in the World, in Mumbai. This is the Largest Free Standing Bath Tub: Verified By Guinness World Record UK. From giving your body a soothing and sensual massage to giving your eyes a visual treat, the Colston De Banos - European Star leaves one spoiled for choices.

"Innovation is a youthful state of mind and spiritual courage to accept challenge. At Colston we constantly strive for excellence and optimization of designs through strong commitment to R&D and deliver reliable and premium products. It is the result of our innovative and creative enterprise culture that we are able to launch the COLSTON EUROPEAN STAR SPA, the biggest Spa in the wellness history", said Mr. Ahuja Anil, MD, Colston Concepts, on the occasion of the launch.

The largest free standing bath tub: verified by Guinness World Record UK, COLSTON EUROPEAN STAR SPA provides an ultimate bathing experience which combines comfort with fun. Its Jacuzzi digitally controlled systems; feature transforms you in to another world; watch 32 inch LED television or listen to music, just program it and let yourself loose!

Latest collection of interior for Spa with fully loaded features, shower enclosures & latest range of shower panels with elite range of bright vanities, COLSTON EUROPEAN STAR SPA is a perfect blend of contemporary luxury and sheer richness. The multifunction steam rooms provide you the most comfortable sauna effect. Steam Box produces steam quickly and provides the best sauna effect with your favourite herbs and perfumes like pine, lime or eucalyptus.The Computer Control System with back light can show operating status of the steam room, monitor its functions and reflect its operation procedures on LCD. You can fully control & set up the steam, water massage, ozone sterilization for cleanliness, time, temperature, saving your favourite music channels, turner/CD, telephone, alarm regulation of nozzle for massage. The diversified preventive and curative functions in European Star give you a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Indulge in sublime experience of enjoyment and relaxation of whole body and mind with the best hydraulic massage in the bathtubs specially designed to allow your body turn and adjust freely in it.

All functions and procedures are shown on LCD screen and can be controlled. The inbuilt music system makes bathing rhythmic and soothes your senses and nerves. The Swimming pool, VIP Room with air condition - European Star is a world of luxury and lavishness.

The Colston De Banos range also includes individual multi functions sauna & steam room, swimming pool, VIP rooms, massage bath tubs, bathroom furniture & high quality toilets. COLSTON EUROPEAN STAR SPA can be custom designed as per the preference of the customer. The prices are as per the sizes & specifications of Pool / SPA; it starts from Rs. 55 Lakhs onwards.

"The expected turnover of our company this year should be targeted Rs. 50 crores. During last few years there is a consistent increase in our import graph. This has influenced our growth factors & made us a new entity as a trend setter in this industry. We plan to further expand the number of distributors and set bigger marketing operations in India and invest in this market. We are targeting SPA Centres, hotels, resorts, farm houses (Hospitality Division) & big bungalows as our clients", said Mr. Ahuja Anil, MD, Colston concepts talking of the expansion plans. "Currently we manufacture and import from Spain & China. Our USP is Quality with widest range of products to suit all, from low to high end users. We are prepared to serve you with assurance of quality, durability, dependability & quantity", he added.
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