Friday, October 30, 2009

Britannia Industries enters milk-based drinks segment

In order to expand its Rs.200-crore dairy products portfolio, the Bangalore-headquartered Britannia Industries launched a milk-based vitamin fortified drink targeting mainly children here Friday.

"This is not a flavoured milk but a vitamin fortified milk-based drink," Britannia managing director Vinita Bali told reporters at the launch.

With Actimind, the new product, Britannia will have a presence in the milk-based health drink category but away from the competitive brown or white drinks segment where brands like Boost, Complan and Horlicks are fighting it out.

"The advantage is it is ready-to-drink and can be had anywhere including in a school with or without refrigeration," Bali said, adding that the beverage had a shelf life of six months.

Britannia will initially launch the product in Tamil Nadu and look at rolling out in other parts of the country later.

"We don't have any specific plans now for a national rollout," Bali said.

According to her, the company has been focussing on value-added dairy products like low-fat cheese and fat-free processing milk after exiting the commodity milk business around seven years ago.
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