Friday, October 9, 2009

Brazil's O Globo becomes Latin America's first daily on Kindle

Brazil's O Globo newspaper became the first in South America to publish an edition that can be downloaded and read on the Kindle, a software developed by for reading e-books and other digital media.

The launch this week was timed to coincide with the release of the global version of the electronic reading device created by Amazon, now available in about 100 countries.

The Kindle allows people to download and read e-books and other digital media, such as magazines, newspapers and personal documents.

O Globo said Thursday in its print edition that access to the Kindle version will require a monthly subscription costing about $15.90 or a daily purchase at 99 cents via Amazon.

The Kindle edition of the Brazilian daily hit the market this week along with similar offerings from The New York Times, the London-based Financial Times and Spain's El Pais.

"We are always looking for new ways to provide information and offer our readers the best experience possible. Our presence on Kindle will provide our readers with an innovative way to interact with the content no matter where they are," O Globo Kindle project manager Sandra Sanches said.
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