Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samsung optimistic about cell phones business

Electronics major Samsung India Friday said it expected its mobile phone business to contribute 25-30 percent of its $2.5 billion turnover this year.

"We have targeted a total (consumer home appliances, information technology business and mobile) turnover of $2.5 billion this year of which 25-30 percent will come from mobile business, we expect," Samsung India Country Head Sunil Dutt said during the launch of the world's first open market handset (OMH) phone.

Asked what would be the driving factor behind this turnover, he said: "The mobile industry has been growing consistently and our company is growing more than the industry growth."

The industry has grown by five to six percent in the first half of the current year. But Samsung's mobile phone business portfolio has grown 100 percent, which Dutt hoped to maintain throughout the year.

"We hope to maintain that growth this year also," he said.

He further said the eastern and southern Indian markets were growing faster, adding that recession has not hit the mobile phone industry that hard.
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