Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogger releases new 'Post Editor' - 10th B'day Gift to users

In the bid to give users more stable posting experiece, Google Blogger today launched new post editor. Blogger's new post editor has been activated in all the existing Blogger accounts, howver one can go to settings and change it to the old post editor.

At the first glance, this post editor is refreshing and good if you are bored of you good old post editor.
But, I have found some problems, which I think Blogger will get rid of in the meantime. It seems that this Blogger Post Editor dows not recognise Keyboard shortcuts while editing in the HTML mode. Apparently, I tried using 'Ctrl + B' to make the text Bold, which was not working.

New Post Editor Features:

  1. Improved Image Handling

When you upload an image to the new post editor it will appear as a thumbnail in the image dialog box. That way, you can upload several images at once, and then add them into your post at your convenience. The thumbnails will be available until you close the post editor.

When you add an image from the dialog into your post it will be placed at the insertion point instead of at the top of the post.

If you don’t like where an image is in your post, you can drag it around to another spot. If you drag it towards the left side of the editor it will float to the left, likewise for the right, and if you leave it in the center it will be centered. You can drag the image between paragraphs and other block elements. Unlike in the current editor, dragging in the new editor preserves the link to the full-size version of the image.

You can easily resize or remove an image with the image size “bubble.” Click on the image (Firefox 3 users may need to double-click) to bring up the bubble, and resize the image instantly. You can resize any image, including ones added by URL, but if you resize an image that was uploaded through the post editor we resample the image on our servers to keep the download size small. 

2. Improved Raw HTML

If you use Edit HTML, especially to add tables and other advanced HTML to your posts, you should find that the new editor has a number of enhancements to make the experience less frustrating, or, dare we say it, even pleasant.

By default, the current post editor replaces any newlines in your post with
tags. This can cause problems when you want to use newlines to make table or list HTML clearer, since the inserted
s will mangle the formatting significantly. The new post editor does not introduce
s within tables, lists, scripts, styles, preformatted blocks, or objects.<

Since they won’t destroy the formatting, the new post editor adds clarity newlines to the HTML that’s generated by Compose mode. For example, if you create a list in Compose mode and then look at it in Edit HTML, you’ll see that there are newlines before each of the tags.

3. Other New Features
  • Add your location to your posts with geotagging
  • Posts are now timestamped at the date and time they are published, not when they were orignally created.
  • Vertical resizing. You can now change the height of the post editor by dragging the resize handle in the lower right (near the labels field). The size is saved in a per-user, per-blog preference.
  • Easy link editing in Compose mode. Just click a link and you’ll have the option of changing its URL or removing the link
  • Full Safari 3 support on both Windows and Macintosh. The old editor is pretty quirky on these browsers, but the new editor works as you’d expect.
  • New Preview dialog that shows your post in a width and font size approximating what you’d see on a blog.
  • Placeholder image for tags (such as those from video embeds) so that you can see and drag them around Compose mode.
  • New toolbar. This toolbar looks better, loads more quickly, and has undo and redo buttons. By popular demand, the full justification button has returned. We’ve also added a strike through button and improved the color palettes.
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