Friday, July 17, 2009

Inside Scoop: Google India plans new IM Client "Google Baat Cheet"

Google Baat Cheet to replace Gtalk in Indian market
If we believe the latest inside information from Google India, It is planning a brand new instant messaging application named as “Google Baat Cheet.” With a Hindi name it is almost clear that it is directed to Indian market only. It is believed that it will replace Gtalk, which has failed in Indian Market as most of the Google IM users sticking to Gmail in-built chat client.Video, Audio chatting, Indic language support and 3rd party messenger support(possibilty) are the few key features of Google Baat Cheet.Google Baat Chet is being launched with a motive to capture the huge Instant Messaging market in India. Hindi and other Indic language support will be a main feature of this IM Client, it is being done keeping in mind the emerging online vernacular language market in India.Google India has planned “Google Baat Cheet” for a Q4 launch this year. Detail information is still not available. But we are digging hard to know more about this exciting product.

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