Thursday, June 4, 2009

UTV launches audio cinema

UTV New Media Ltd, the digital arm of UTV Software Communications Ltd, has launched Audio Cinema here in the presence of two leading ladies of film ''Fashion'', Kangana Ranawat and Mugdha Godse alongwith the director Madhur Bhandarkar.

Stating Audio Cinema was a technological innovation, UTV New Media CEO T N Prabhu said yesterday it would provide a new listening experience to film buffs who could dial in from any part of the country and listen to the dialogues and narration of their favourite film for nearly an hour.

The caller should dial in at 505999555 from mobile or landline number anywhere from the country.

Initially dialogues of evergreen film ''Sholay'' and UTV's ''Fashion'' for Hindi listeners and Prem Loka (Kannada), Thalapati (Tamil) and Gang Leader (Telugu) would be available later the number of films would be increased.

The caller would have to pay for the usage and the rates wold be decided by service providers.

Mr Bhandarkar was elated as his film ''Fashion'' was pioneering for the movie-on-phone service. ''With the arrival of such new technology now we directors will have to work hard on the dubbing and the content of the dialogues in the film as the dialogues will be the main attraction for the listeners of this service,'' he added.

Mugdha Godse too felt proud for the selection of her film and said, Fashion is the first film of my career and it is the moment of proud for me as my film is a trend-setter in new technology and will reach to the listeners through dialogues.

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