Thursday, June 4, 2009

'Sulabh International' gets renewable energy award

Bringing cheers to millions of Indians across the globe on the eve of World Environment Day, renowned Indian NGO 'Sulabh International' has been awarded this year's prestigious 'Renewable Energy Award' by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organisation' (IREO).

The award for making ''incredible strides in changing the standards of sanitation across the globe'' will be presented to 'Sulabh International' founder Dr Bindeshwar Pathak at the United Nations headquarter in New York on June 11, the NGO said here today.

''The UN has selected 'Sulabh International' for this award as its founder has made incredible strides in promoting and changing the standards of sanitation in India as well other parts of the globe,'' said Mr Robson Mello, Secretary General, IREO, which has a de facto status within the UN.

The award recognises the achievements of individuals and institutions in response to the crisis of climate change and sustainable global energy resources, and honours those who choose to lead the way of global advancement in alternative energy solutions by challenging conventional wisdom and encouraging critical thinking to create positive reform.

Modelled on the status and integrity of the Nobel Prize, this annual awards ceremony draws attention to future energy issues which constitute some of the most urgent challenges facing the world's leaders today.

Dr Pathak has been awarded for his indigenous, cost-effective, two-pit toilet technology which recycles and reuses human excreta for biogas generation.

While pioneering biogas generation from public toilet complexes, Sulabh International's energy efficient biogas plant design with multiple benefits in sanitation, bioenergy and manure, has even been approved by the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy.

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