Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sikkim inks tourism agreement with Singapore company

The Sikkim government has signed an agreement with a Singapore-based consultancy firm for laying out a ten-year road map for promotion of tourism.

The agreement was signed by the firm's managing director of Master Consult Services Pvt Ltd Chrisopher Khoo and the Sikkim Tourism Secretary SBS Bhaduria here yesterday.

The company will be charging around Rs 65 lakh as its consultancy fees, it was learnt.

The company’s blueprint for Sikkim tourism development will comprise tourism audit, strategic analysis, market development and promotion, manpower and skill upgradation and along with the infrastructure across the state, a government source today said.

Other components of the master plan for revamping Sikkim tourism will include strategies for promotion of tourism industry, infrastructure (present and proposed) upgradation and marketing issues among others.

In addition to scientific exploration of the tourism prospect in the state on a holistic basis, the firm will also draw up a blue print for specific projects including the Uttaray Tourism Development Plan to sell many of the unexplored destinations to outside tourists for boosting local economy.

The government has proposed to build one tourism spot in every constituency for promotion of adventure, pilgrimage and village tourism on the basis of the recommendations of the consultancy firm.

There are 31 territorial constituencies in Sikkim.

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