Monday, June 15, 2009

Lodha ranked No 2 in 'India's Best Company to Work for'

Real estate and construction major Lodha Group has been ranked second in a survey conducted to find ''India's Best Company to Work For''.

The annual survey, conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, India, has ranked the Lodha Group at No 2 in India for employees and potential employees in the Construction & Real Estate space. The ranking has been made based on surveys and studies conducted amongst employees of the company across a range of parameters, and is a comprehensive representation to what employees feel about the company.

''In today's scenario, with companies cutting down on their workforces to curb costs, employees are being given second priority, as managements are more engrossed with profitability. We at the Lodha Group recognize the fact that the best capital we have is our employees, and we are proud to receive this ranking on a pan-India survey of such scale,'' Company's director Abhisheck Ldha said in a statement here today.

''We do not just look at benefits and amenities to attract and retain our employees. We focus on a culture of trust and respect, and the ability of employees to contribute - and recognize such contribution - to the company's success. Their hard work and innovation make it an honour to lead them,'' he added.

The survey was judged based on two primary categories - the Trust Index and the Culture Audit. The Trust Index focused on issues such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride in the tasks and workplace, and camaraderie among colleagues across ranks and departments. The Culture Audit focused on the entire engagement culture of the organization - right from recruitment, followed by the development of the individual employee in the workplace, issues faced - and how these were overcome, employee engagement, and the factor of empathy which employees look at. The Lodha Group has scored highly on Work-Life balance and for support and collaboration, both among peers and across management ranks, the release said.

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