Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indyarocks launches Web-based multi-service IM launched

Geodesic, a leading provider of award-winning innovative products in the information, communication and entertainment space, and Indyarocks, a popular Indian entertainment based social network, will launch a multi-service instant messenger.

More than 3.2 million users of Indyarocks will now be able to chat with their friends spread across different IM platforms, from any computer with a web browser and a basic Internet connection.

In a statement, Geodesic Limited Managing Director Kiran Kulkarni said, ''We are thrilled to implement world's first socially integrated web-based multi-service IM for Indyarocks. Our IM platform provides Indyarocks users with a comprehensive IM experience, including the ability to login to their Indyarocks, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, AIM, and Jabber networks simultaneously and chat with buddies across all accounts.'' CEO Kalyan Manyam said, ''the integrated multi-service IM will be a powerful way for our users to connect with their friends on and beyond The chat feature will also enable our users to share their favourite Indyarocks content (photos, videos, blogs, movies, games) instantly with their friends across the World Wide Web.'' The multi-chat service is completely a browser-based application and will not require any downloads. The chat feature will be available across all pages of to provide a seamless rich chatting and social networking experience. Members will be able to browse through Indyarocks without disturbing any chat instances, he said.

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