Friday, June 5, 2009

Essilor launches new eyewear 'Varilux India'

Essilor India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Essilor International today launched a revolutionary eyewear for the 40 plus age group, engineered specifically for 'Indian eyes'.

Announcing the new 'product' Varilux India' through its Brand Ambassador since 2004, cricketer and chariman, selecion committee of BCCI, K Srikkanth, Essailor Vice President Mr Jayanth Bhuvaraghan said the eyewear gives the user 30 per cent improved contrast and sharpness, improved comfort in accessing near vision, improved 30 per cent wider field of vision, additional benefits from customised Varilux designs and quick adaptation for the eye and overall satisfaction in daily activities, whatever the distance.

The launch commemorates 50 years of Varilux progressive lens invented in 1959 by Essilor , the 3 billion world leader in opthalmic optical products in over 100 countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Srikkanth lauded the new innovation by Essilor and added using Varilix eyewear lenses "really make me feel younger".

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