Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dell launchs Latitude 2100 netbook in India

Dell has launched the Latitude 2100 netbook for students, any business or public institution that needs affordable, durable, Internet-ready devices for e-mail and collaboration. The netbook has been designed to be rugged and provide wireless connectivity that can be monitored by educators with a 'network activity light' available on the netbook lid. The Latitude 2100 is also available in five colours but the Dell-India categorically states that the 'color options are subject to availability.' An optional touchscreen is also available for education netbooks. Dell is confident that the Latitude 2100 will also be suitable for public sector and enterprise customers for functions like employee training and order fulfillment.

The Latitude 2100 has a rubberized design -- which includes a vent-free bottom that prevents entry of dropped fluids -- ideal for children to carry and use safely. According to the Dell website, an optional touchscreen may also be available. If this feature is made available in India, it will make the Latitude 2100 a great choice for enhanced student interaction and special education teaching. The Latitude 2100 also offers administrators a range of services making it easier to deploy and manage.

A keyboard with an antimicrobial protection is also available as an option -- however, for some reason, this is available only in the U.S. Solid-state drives, an external DVD-RW optical drive, quick-connect handles and shoulder straps, and a webcam are also provided as an option.

Latitude 2100 Features:

* Processor: Intel Atom processor N270
* Optical Drive: External DVD+/-RW via USB (Optional)
* Connectivity: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, full suite of wireless communication options
* Weight: 1.32 kg (with a 3-cell battery)
* Storage: Hard disk drive or solid state drive
* Battery: 3-cell or 6-cell battery
* Additional: Three-in-one Media Card Reader, VGA port
* Operating System: Windows XP Home/Windows Vista Home Basic/Linux Ubuntu

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