Monday, May 11, 2009

Import your Orkut friends to Facebook | Facebook's latest trap to catch Orkut users.

Facebook seems to be quiet interested in Orkut users, if you are one of the Orkut as well as Facebook users, Facebook now gives you the option to directly find your orkut friends on Facebook or invite them to Facebook, this seems to be a well thought of stratagy to catch hold of Orkut user, which seems to be haunting Facebook in India and Brazil, where Orkut still leads the race of Social networks.

Connect Orkut with Facebook

  1. Drag the Facebook bookmarklet on to the bookmarks bar of your browser.
  2. Login to your Orkut account and click the bookmarklet button.
  3. The Facebook Friend Finder tool now scans your Orkut contacts list and will then show you a subset who are also on Facebook but aren’t friends with you yet. Click "Add Friends" and you are done.

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