Monday, May 4, 2009

Brand pril gets bigger and better

Henkel India Limited today announced the re-launch of its flagship dishwash brand Pril, a key player in the utensil cleaner category. Pril Liquid is re-launched as Pril Perfect with new Triple action formulation which removes tough grease, kills 99.99% germs & removes residual food odour. Sonali Bendre to be the new face of the brand.

Pril has already taken the property of redefining cleanliness as “not only looking clean but also smelling clean.” Pril Perfect is an extension of Pril Liquid’s superior product delivery & high quality that takes cleaning to the next level. The all new Pril Perfect will provide additional benefit of anti-bacterial protection with the promise of killing 99.9% germs. Pril Perfect is the result of an intensive research which highlighted the growing concern among the consumers about health and hygiene.

Pril’s transformation to Pril Perfect will be reflected in its new logo design, packaging and brand ambassador. The new logo of Pril Perfect has taken the shape of the drop- communicating ‘The Power of Pril Drop’. The “Perfect” sub brand communicates Pril’s commitment towards perfect cleaning and covers all the cleaning problems making it the only product the category to provide triple benefits to the consumers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jayant Singh, Managing Director, Henkel India Limited said, “Launched in 1999, Pril for 10 years has been delighting our consumers with an unbeatable performance on tough grease cleaning for kitchen utensils. Pril is the first international liquid hand dishwash brand in the mass market which made sure that our consumers got the best cleaning performance with best care of their hands. The new ‘Pril Perfect’ range, an outcome of consumer research, is an even better product with triple benefits of degreasing; deodorizing and germ kill which is sure to further delight our consumers”

Pril has also roped in eminent Bollywood actress Ms. Sonali Bendre as the new Brand Ambassador. As part of the deal, Sonali will feature in the new Pril commercials, the first of which will hit the leading TV channels.

Says Mr. Singh, “We are happy to sign up Ms. Sonali Bendre as the new face for Brand Pril. Over the years Pril has stood for best quality that our consumers can depend upon. We believe Ms. Sonali epitomizes the values of Pril and we are confident of the success of this relationship.”

Speaking about the tremendous potential of the brand, Ms. Sonali Bendre said, “Today, a product like the new Pril Perfect is invaluable to every household. I'm proud to be associated with Pril, a brand that provides top notch quality and constant innovation in every drop. Pril is a must have in my kitchen.”

Pril Perfect is available in exciting variants like Lime (green), Lemon (yellow), Orange and Natural Anti bacterial with Neem (Blue). Pril Perfect is priced at Rs.19 for 120 ml, Rs. 35 for 225 ml, Rs.59 for 425 ml and Rs.95 for 750ml.

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