Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Women's portal to be refurbished

Accentium Web Pvt Ltd, owner of popular websites like '' and '', today announced its partnership with India's oldest women's portal -- SitaGita Ltd to help the site reach the next level.

A three party alliance, which also constitutes of Compare Infobase, will be equity based partnership and is targeted to take the number of daily clicks of from 5,000 to 40,000 by 2011, according to an Accentium release here today.

Speaking on the coalition, Accentium Web Pvt Ltd chief executive officer Vivek Pahwa said the site would be made more dynamic and interactive to attract the fair sex. ''There is great interest in women-oriented inventory online in India and this interest is likely to increase over the next years,'' he said, adding that more content would be added to cater to the younger audience and to gradually convert it into the leading site for women-related content online in India.

''Along with creating a fresh new look for, we will also create a new product jointly, which will let young women bond with each other, share knowledge and consume information,'' he said.

'''SitaGita' represents the duality of the Indian woman. Nowhere in the world does a woman combine such traditional and contemporary skills. SitaGita has come to mean many things to many women across the length and breadth of India. It started as an urban centric site but soon we will be stepping towards targeting Tier II, Tier III town. This has been my mission in the last ten years, to provide a little handholding and empower the Indian woman personally and professionally,'' said Nirmal Mirza, Founder of SitaGita Ltd.

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