Friday, February 6, 2009

Motherboard maker Gigabyte targets One million sales in 2009

Going against the industry tide, manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, Gigabyte said it expects sales to cross the one million mark in 2009.

The company said today that it would pursue an aggressive business strategy rollout that will include DIY (Do It Yourself) programs and focused-segment education initiatives, to achieve its target of 50 percent growth in overall business revenue from the region.

In 2008, it registered 60 percent growth over previous year sales, FY2009 turnover target in FY 09 was pegged at Rs 190-210 crore.

To reach one million sales figure, the company will focus majorly on emerging markets like B, C, D and E class cities, said company sources.

'' Desktop market is still vibrant and scope for growth is enormous as PC penetration is at its lowest in India,'' said officials.

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