Wednesday, February 11, 2009 to Boost Roadside Breakdown Service

You may not have even imagined, a service that was available only in the most developed countries is now a reality in India. Yes, car owners can now subscribe to MyTVS 24x7 emergency services to enjoy a stress free drive anywhere and everywhere, and to make things easy, you can apply for this service online at is appointed as the exclusive web retailer for MyTVS roadside and breakdown service memberships.

Be it a Ghat road or the most remote village, you now have a service which you can trust, and rely upon, to be by your side when you have a breakdown or emergency. With a low package price Rs 3.50 on a daily basis costing less than a cup of coffee, it is sure to attract thousands of car owners. Customers also enjoy a host of features such as car towing, wrecker service, free minor repairs, locked out keys, wheel change and arranging cab/taxi for passengers if stranded.

MyTVS a part of the $4 billion TVS group is a market leader in providing roadside breakdown and emergency services, with over 2000 ASP's (Actual service provider) spread all over India, waiting to respond for roadside emergencies and breakdowns. In case of a breakdown or emergency, all you have to do is call the MyTVS Toll free number. The moment you call MyTVS 24 hour's helpline, the call centre swings into action, within moments you will be on a conference call with one the ASP's nearest to your location. The ASP will then get to you within the shortest possible time and get you back on the road. The average response times between you calling the service centre and one of the ASP's to reach you are 60 mins within city limits, 90 mins on state & national highways and 120 mins for ghats and remote places.

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