Thursday, March 27, 2008

India TV Neck-to-Neck with Aaj Tak in Aggregate Ratings

Living up to Rajat Sharma's promise to viewers and advertisers, India TV has beaten Star News in aggregate ratings for the Week 12, 2008 (TAM CS 15+ HSM) with a share of 18 per cent. India TV is now only marginally behind Aaj Tak, which is at 18.4 per cent.

In the CS 25+ ABC HSM category, India TV is at 18 per cent, which is the same as Aaj Tak. Thus in this core TG, India TV is the joint leader among Hindi news channels.

At a share of 19 per cent India TV is numero uno in CS Female 25+ ABC.

At 35 minutes per viewer (all day) in CS 15+ HSM, India TV continues to deliver higher time spent than any other Hindi news channel.

At 20 per cent, India TV is the top Hindi news channel in the top 6 metro cities, in both CS 15+ AB HSM and CS 25+ AB HSM.

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