Thursday, February 21, 2008

USA Technologies eSuds(TM) Extends its Reach Abroad

USA Technologies (USAT: NASDAQ) reported that JLA, the leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment in the United Kingdom, has begun distributing the eSuds solution to universities and colleges through its Circuit subsidiary. Circuit's first installation of eSuds is operating at the University of York in Heslington, York, UK.

"Circuit constantly strives to provide customers with the latest technology to improve customer satisfaction, and the eSuds solution with its online capability brings a whole new level of service to add considerable ease and convenience to doing laundry," said Richard Lee, Managing Director, Circuit. "Our goal is to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible solutions to make our laundry facilities more efficient, cost effective and safer, and eSuds offers all that while responding to the emerging demand for networked laundry services."
JLA is Europe's biggest independent distributor of commercial laundry equipment and supplies to a wide range of markets including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, armed forces bases and prisons. In the education sector the company's Circuit division operates over 1,200 laundries, working in partnership with more than 80% of the United Kingdom's colleges and universities.
The eSuds online laundry system enables users to go online to check the availability of washers and dryers in college and university laundries, pay for their wash and dry cycles with their student ID, debit or credit cards and automatically receive an email or page when their wash or dry cycles are complete.
"We are pleased to be the first to bring eSuds to our student body. We understand that students enjoy using the technology, and it's appropriate for the networked world students live in," said Jon Greenwood, Director of Commercial Services at the University of York.
Erik O'Connor, a student at the University of York and Chair of the junior common room, commented, "It (eSuds) is very helpful for students, because we can check machine availability whilst we do our work. Some people have quite a long way to walk to the laundrette, but now they can check things from their own room."
"Distributing our eSuds product line through one of the major laundry service companies in the United Kingdom is a landmark development for USA Technologies," said Stephen P. Herbert, President and COO. "The JLA relationship is an important part of our efforts underway to expand and grow our business internationally, across all our product lines."
More than 2,000 washers and dryers in the United States were connected to the eSuds system over the summer, bringing the total number of installs to nearly 6,000 in 40 colleges and universities nationwide. This announcement also follows the Company's announcement of eSuds Credit(TM) which opens up the multi-family housing laundry market with 7.5 million washer and dryers.
USA Technologies product line also includes the EnergyMiser(R) energy management technology, the ePort(R) wireless cashless transaction solutions for vending machines and point-of-sale terminals, and Business Express(R) unattended business center services.

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