Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UPS rolls out 8 new products in 2008 for India

UPS has strengthened its service portfolio in India and the Asia Pacific region with the introduction of eight new products - aimed at simplifying global trade for Indian and Asian companies conducting business internationally.

UPS’s new consumer technology products come as a direct result of the US$1billion UPS invests in technology annually. UPS’s customer technologies are designed to make it easier for UPS customers to be more efficient. With UPS 24/7 tracking, they have peace of mind knowing the location of their shipments, and with UPS’s latest service offerings, there is even greater reliability and efficiency.

· UPS Paperless InvoiceSM is an industry first and it focuses on hassle-free shipping. It cuts down paperwork for the customers, while ensuring that the different customs of the world get the right information in the right format, that shipments are cleared without delay. Most delays are caused by incomplete information.

With UPS Paperless Invoice, the commercial invoice can be sent ahead electronically to the destination country for customs clearance while the package is still in transit, reducing the chances of delays and promoting a paperless environment.

· UPS ReturnsSM opens up a whole new world of retail and supply chain management for businesses. One growing area that will benefit directly from UPS Returns is e-commerce, giving an option to businesses to offer a return service for their customers.

With UPS Returns, post sales service can also be transformed by minimizing the number of service centers companies need to maintain across Asia. Instead of going directly to a local service center, customers of businesses can use UPS Returns to return items for repairs and replacements. Companies using UPS Returns can lower their overall costs by maintaining fewer service centers, while still maintaining the same level of service efficiency.

“At UPS, we are making consistent efforts to introduce new, more advanced services and technology tools to better facilitate our customer’s export businesses. Especially for small and medium enterprises, with increased competition in the global marketplace, innovations in the UPS product and service portfolio are specifically aimed at critical timesavings which translate into cost efficiency and improved business prospects,” said Pirojshaw Sarkari, Managing Director, UPS Jetair Express

· UPS Clinical TrialsSM is a new product which is targeted at the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as hospitals and medical labs where they need biological substances transported internationally for clinical tests and research.

“The global logistics need for the healthcare industry is estimated at US$43 billion and UPS Clinical Trials caters to a niche group within the industry. Clinical labs, hospitals, medical universities and pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies require the transportation of biological substances which requires extra careful handling and that’s where UPS Clinical Trials comes in,” said Ken Torok, President, UPS Asia Pacific.

· Importing and Exporting to and from Free Trade Zones (FTZ) require special handling. UPS FTZ FacilitatorSM taps into UPS’s wealth of experience working with FTZs around the world to help customers go through the necessary processes step by step. Using UPS FTZ Facilitator helps customers who import and export to and from FTZs be assured that their shipments are delivered on time, without delays and without paying any unnecessary duties.

· Customers who choose to handle their own brokerage can now activate another new UPS product, UPS Broker of ChoiceSM, which allows them to designate their own customs clearance broker for a chosen shipment.

· UPS will now offer a simplified global suite of three services for shipping international air freight, including a substantially expanded express freight option with guaranteed door-to-door service.

UPS is in a unique position as the only carrier rooted in both integrator and freight-forwarding business models, and has blended its networks to offer a single air freight portfolio. As the 9th largest airline in the world with a fleet of 282 aircraft and a global freight forwarder with access to other airlines, our customers gain a competitive advantage by relying on a network that offers a high degree of choice, convenience and predictability without sacrificing single-source accountability.
UPS ExpressSM Freight provides guaranteed time-definite, one-to-three day door-to-door delivery, and has tripled the number of lanes served by an express freight option.
For less time-sensitive global movements, UPS offers two non-guaranteed alternatives: UPS Air Freight DirectSM and UPS Air Freight ConsolidatedSM which are one-to-three and three-to-five day airport-to-airport services.

“Our products are all about our customers and what they need to deliver success in their businesses. We have an intimate understanding of the business opportunities and challenges our customers face and we incorporate such insights into our product development. This new portfolio of products aims to help our customers better their competition in terms of, efficiency, speed, and in some instances, explore new business opportunities,” said Ken Torok, President, UPS Asia Pacific.

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