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MEGA Brands Takes Construction Play and Activities to the Next Level through Technology and Innovation

MEGA Brands to Unveil its Hottest Toy Line-up for 2008 at New York Toy Fair - From a New Magnetic Construction Line that Boasts Innovation and Safety to a Buildable Electronic Piano that Combines Musical Wonder and Building Fun
MEGA Brands is set to launch its 2008 toy line-up at New York Toy Fair, featuring next generation building systems, technologically enhanced classical toys and imaginative activities that inspire creativity in every child.
"MEGA Brands' new toy portfolio is designed to deliver new play patterns and creative experiences for kids through innovation and technology," states Vic Bertrand, Executive Vice-President of MEGA Brands. "Combining technology and classical play continues to be a huge trend and we're always looking for innovative ways to introduce products that draw young minds into a world of imagination and creativity."

"MEGA Brands is capitalizing on one of the major trends emerging from this Toy Fair," says Toy Wishes contributing editor Chris Byrne aka The Toy Guy(R). "The emphasis is on innovative products that foster classic open-ended play. Building, construction and creative play help children develop their imaginations and set the stage for all kinds of learning, while delivering rich play experiences."
Toys sure to top the wish lists of preschoolers and avid builders include:
MagNext - Bigger, stronger, faster! MagNext (TM) is the revolutionary new magnetic construction system from Mega Bloks that sets a new standard for innovative and safe magnetic play. The intricately designed new pieces have multiple interlocking points which produce bigger, stronger and faster builds, giving kids greater variety and a more rewarding building experience. MagNext was also created using a new ingestion gauge, developed in partnership with Intertek, one of the world's leading testing authority.
"We're proud to say that we worked with MEGA Brands to help them achieve their ambitious goal of developing a new zero design defects program that will exceed the highest safety standard in the toy industry," expresses Gene Rider, Vice-President of Intertek. This revolutionary gauge is the first of its kind and exceeds all current magnetic toy safety standards.
Legend of King Arthur - MEGA Brands is set to launch the future of figure play with a new Legend of King Arthur construction line that lets kids control the action. Using new, patented stunt stick technology, the new King Arthur sets help kids bring figures and action scenes to life without their fingers getting in the way. Kids can really engage in realistic battle scenes with a battle warship or defend King Arthur's castle with the Knights of the Round Table. Kids can choose the close-combat stunt stick to engage in realistic battle or the long-range stunt stick to explore the depths of the castle.
"We believe that Legend of King Arthur pushes the boundaries of action figure play and will change the way kids interact with figures," expresses Bertrand. "The stunt stick technology empowers kids to bring figures and battle scenes to life by expanding their play experience."
Struxx - MEGA Brands is taking construction to the next level with Struxx(TM), a new technologically revolutionary construction system that will empower kids to build bigger and on a larger scale. With cool high tech features like Struxx gears, motion detection, sound and light, kids will also be able to put their Struxx builds into motion. Dynamic, hyper flexible and strong, the Struxx system offers kids several building ideas including a super flashy dragster car, streamlined helicopter or a T-Rex that really roars. Kids can also apply their own creativity for infinite more designs. The line ranges from the basic sets for the builder who is just getting started to kits for the construction expert who loves a challenge.
"Struxx design uses the latest construction technology based on three basic pieces: a ball, socket and rod that click together, offering an unparalleled, larger than life construction system," states Bertrand.
NEO Shifters (TM) Web Battlers (TM) - Get connected with Web Battlers! The first construction toy with wireless download and networking capacity, Web Battlers create a whole new interactive play experience. Create your own avatar and watch as the computer sends a light cell signal to your build, bringing it to life! Battle online in multi-player games or do battle with your friends to gain power, skill and weapons!
NEO Hydraxx Energy Base - Re-fuel, re-charge and re-launch with the NEO Hydrax Energy Base! As the central docking point for NEO Shifters (TM) who are running low on reserves, the Hydrax Energy Base extracts hydrogen from water, forming the Hydrax energy that a NEO Shifter needs to survive. Listen as lights and sounds re-charge your NEO Shifter or watch as a Hydrax energy ball is launched into the air.
Build-A-Band Piano - MEGA Brands hits all the right notes with the Build-A-Band (TM) Piano for preschoolers, the first interactive buildable electronic piano to combine musical wonder and building fun, while inspiring creativity and learning. Without blocks, the piano plays as a normal instrument, but by layering or removing blocks, aspiring young Beethovens can change the instruments, add beats and silly sounds to create their own musical masterpiece.
"Research shows that there is a direct correlation between playing an instrument at a young age and enhancing creativity," states Bertrand. "The Build-A-Band Piano is specially designed for small hands, and allows preschoolers to have fun with music and Mega Bloks."
Rose Art(R) Cordz - Tactile and fun to use, Cordz (TM) is the unique and irresistible new way for kids to create 2D art. Using an easy to grip Scribbler pen filled with colorful cords, kids can stencil or freehand their designs and watch as the Cordz cling magically to the design board! The board is reusable and great for presentation so kids can create again and again! The kit comes complete with stencils, and accessories like boggly eyes and gems, offering endless artistic possibilities!

About MEGA Brands
MEGA Brands is a trusted family of leading global brands in construction toys, games & puzzles, arts & crafts and stationery. We offer engaging creative experiences for children and families through innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products that deliver on our Creativity to the Rescue promise. For more information, please visit The MEGA logo, Creativity to the Rescue, Mega Bloks, Rose Art, MagNext and Board Dudes are trademarks of MEGA Brands Inc. or its affiliates.

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