Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Enhanced Videos of Serbian Demonstrations and US Embassy Fire Now Available to News Organizations

MotionDSP, an emerging leader in digital video technology, today announced that breaking footage of Serbian protests to the independence of Kosovo, and the US Embassy fire has been enhanced by the company and is immediately available for use by news services worldwide.

Using the very latest version of MotionDSP's patent-pending video enhancement technology), the cellphone videos were automatically processed and enhanced to new levels of clarity. The site uses core super-resolution techniques that increase resolution by up to 4X, as well as significantly reducing noise and bringing out exceptional detail in processed videos. Next, videos are automatically processed for brightness/contrast, bringing dark videos back to life. Finally, videos are transcoded to high-bitrate H.264 for the best possible quality.

Videos are available at: (Flash/Web Version)
(high-res Quicktime) (Flash/Web version)
(high-res Quicktime)

About MotionDSP

MotionDSP is an emerging leader in digital video enhancement. MotionDSP's next-generation technology enables Internet video sites and mobile carriers to vastly improve the quality of video captured by consumer video devices such as mobile phones and webcams. The company's demonstration site for consumer video enhancement was launched at DEMOFall 2007 and may be found at

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