Friday, February 15, 2008

Chloride Group Opens Singapore & South East Asia Regional Headquarters Incorporating R&D Facility & Training Academy

Chloride Group, a world leader in Secure power Solutions listed on the London Stock Exchange, today opened a Singapore and SEA regional headquarters and Training Academy to enhance Chloride's ability to serve and support customers in the region.
The new 1,300 square meter facility at Corporation Road, Jurong, will serve as the company's local office, head office for the region, and also the training and R&D centre for the group's operations in this part of the world.

Mr. Keith Hodgkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Chloride Group, who was present in Singapore for the official opening, commented, "South East Asia represents a high potential market for the Group and Singapore is an ideal platform for regional expansion of the Group's business. Adding local technical training and service resources aims to provide enhanced support to our existing customers and increase our presence in a very dynamic environment. Through leading technology and a consistent delivery of exceptional service support, we are firmly committed to assuring secure power always for our customers."
According to Frost & Sullivan, the leading market research company in the industry, the world UPS market is set to grow by an average compound growth rate of 8.6% over the next five years. And some areas, such as the European data centre market, are forecast to grow at an average compound growth rate of 12.5%.
Chloride Group was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan UPS European Company of the Year Award 2007 for exceptional growth in all aspects of its business. The award is presented each year to the company that has most clearly demonstrated excellence within the UPS industry. This is judged on an extensive range of key business criteria encompassing product innovation, competitive strategy, business growth, service and leadership.
During the past year the Company has increased the power range of its highly successful 80-NET transformer-free UPS systems. It has also extended the scope of its industry leading UPS remote monitoring and diagnostics service to offer a remote monitoring capability for standby generator sets and multi-vendor UPS.
Other important developments and initiatives have been the introduction of Power Lan Green, a UPS with an energy efficiency of 97% in AC/AC mode, and the development of strategic working partnerships with suppliers of alternative energy storage solutions including flywheel and fuel cell technologies. Chloride was particularly commended by Frost & Sullivan for its green strategy. It was the first and, to date, the only UPS company to sign the European Code of Conduct to improve the energy efficiency and minimise the energy consumption of the UPS. Chloride even recycles the energy used in UPS witness testing at its Bologna facility. Environmental responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of its core values.
A major element in Chloride's winning formula is its commitment to provide an exceptionally high standard of customer support and service. The Company boasts over 250 highly experienced, factory trained technical service engineers in Europe and over 500 engineers worldwide. It has direct service support in 18 countries and authorised service providers in another 60 countries ensuring rapid local service response.
Singapore will also be a regional base for the Chloride Academy, the first corporate University in the UPS Industry for Secure Power Solutions. The overall principle of the Chloride Academy is to increase the "know-how" of the company by taking the unique knowledge and expertise of individuals and spreading it throughout the Group. Through the Academy, Chloride will be creating a strategic knowledge base, enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees, driving the company's strategy of being a solutions provider and, in turn, bringing greater value to customers.
The Academy headquarters are located at the company's UPS Division in Bologna, Italy and its students -- any eligible member of staff working for Chloride or an associate company -- can take a wide range of courses on secure power solutions. The Academy can train some 300-500 Chloride employees a year and with the South East Asia Academy Headquarters opening in Singapore this training will be made even more accessible.
Etienne Guerou, Chloride Vice President South East Asia said, "The South East Asia headquarters will combine all of Chloride's total solutions capabilities, from system design, special application project management and tailor made installations, to unique technological expertise and outstanding service support. This will enhance our ability to provide our customers with an added value secure power solution."

About Chloride Group
Chloride Group PLC, founded in 1891, is a multinational corporation active in all of the strategic areas related to electrical secure power. Present all over the world with numerous production and Sales and Service offices, Chloride Group PLC has over 1,500 employees and is registered with the London Stock Exchange.
The Chloride Group provides high-quality services and products*, meeting and adapting to clients' needs and expectations for maximum customer satisfaction, guaranteeing an effective and complete protection of the business. With more than one hundred years of experience, the core strengths of the Chloride Group are its professional and competent team, the advantage of the latest technology, and great respect and attention for the environment and safety.

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