Monday, November 12, 2007

A Rapid Application Development Platform Adds High-Performance Visualization to Geographic Business Intelligence

SRC, LLC, a leading developer and provider of geographic business intelligence technology solutions, and deCarta, the leading supplier of software platforms and services for the Location-Based Services (LBS) industry, today announced their partnership on a joint development effort. This partnership combines the best of two technology leaders to offer developers, ISV's, SI's, VAR's and end-users high- performance visualization of geographic business intelligence that seamlessly integrates spatial and non-spatial data for display on a heat map within an environment that supports a fluid and dynamic mapping experience.

The growing popularity of the geospatial Web has raised user awareness and demand for fast performance when interacting with a map. Part of the challenge in meeting this demand has been the absence of a working platform that enables non-GIS business analysts to work with developers in the creation of easy-to-use wizards and modules for the visualization of geographic business intelligence.

By licensing deCarta's Drill Down Server(R) (DDS) Web Services JavaScript API and deploying the SRC Alteryx(TM) Enterprise Server, organizations can access an extensible architecture to merge the best of deCarta's display, routing, search and geocoding architecture with SRC's enterprise server to handle data extraction, transformation and loading, data quality, spatial analytics and customer data integration.

The partnership delivers a working platform that does not require extensive lines of customized developer code, thereby, placing the flexibility to design, visualize and deploy actionable insight and business process standards in the hands of all decision makers throughout the enterprise.

As an example, an organization can now set any number of user-defined metrics for comparative analysis among drivetime-based areas and create thematically shade areas of a map to reveal high-interest areas, on-the-fly. In addition to maps, decision makers can also access reports, charts and graphs that integrate both spatial and non-spatial data wherever the data resides within the enterprise. This includes, but is not limited to, Oracle DB, SQL*SVR, Excel, or Flat File data stores. The result is the ability to instantly create analytical modules and comprehensive visualizations of geographic business intelligence, extending beyond what GIS platform functionality can currently deliver.

"This is a game-changing capability. By simplifying the addition of high- performance mapping and visualization to geographic business intelligence, developers can help their customers leverage the power of the geospatial web for faster and more informed decision making," said J. Kim Fennell, President & CEO of deCarta.

"This joint effort allows organizations to move from interesting mash-ups, with little monetary value, to geographic business intelligence solutions that have demonstrable ROI's because they are personalized, pervasive and improve business performance." said Dean Stoecker, President & CEO of SRC, LLC. "Building and deploying best practices around Geo-BI has never been easier."

To see the SRC and deCarta partnership in action, deCarta's devCON 2007 developer conference (November 13-15, 2007 at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA) will debut and demonstrate this exciting joint development effort. For more information about deCarta's developer conference, please visit:

About deCarta

deCarta is the leading geospatial software platform that has enabled some of the industry's most successful Location-Based Services (LBS) applications such as those deployed at, Google, Verizon and Sprint. The company's unique, patented technology is ideal for high-volume LBS applications for use in Internet, mobile, personal navigation and enterprise applications where scalability, speed, and reliability are vital. Its Drill Down Server geospatial software platform, Rich Map Engine, Hosted Web Service and Navigation SDK for are preferred by application developers and service providers who also want the flexibility to customize map styles, utilize unique routing capabilities and self brand. deCarta customers and technology partners include AND, Appello,, ATX,, Google,, Local Matters,, Motorola, NAVTEQ, Networks In Motion, Pharos, Rand McNally, Tele Atlas, TeleNav,, and Zillow. deCarta is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, California with international offices in the UK and China.

About SRC

SRC is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of delivering geographic business intelligence solutions with many Fortune 500 companies empowering business leaders with the consumer and market insight needed to reduce the risks associated with critical business decisions. SRC's technology solutions are deployed worldwide to 240,000 global users for specialized consumer and market insight that seamlessly scale between local, regional and global markets on desktop applications or over the web. For more information, contact SRC at 888.836.4274 or visit

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