Friday, November 30, 2007

Natasha Talks Accessories: A Teen's Guide to Fashion, Clothes, Jewelry and Makeup

he easiest way to change your look is through accessories, says Natasha Darras, 16, a rising star on the high school golf circuit in southern California.

"When it comes to fashion, clothes, jewelry and make up, shop inexpensive places and splurge only on important pieces," Natasha says. "I only buy expensive things that I can wear and use for a long time."

Natasha offers some inexpensive ways to update a wardrobe for minimal cost and maximum value.

-- Add scarves. You can wear them on your head, around your neck and
they look great.
-- One quick and easy look that really works is layering your jewelry.
Bargains I find in vintage and thrift stores are my prettiest pieces
and long necklaces look great layered.
-- When wearing short necklaces, just wear one at a time.
-- If you wear a uniform, dress it up with accessories and make sure you
don't break the dress code.

"Makeup has been a hurdle for me," says Natasha. "I think it is really important even though some of my friends don't wear it. They think it takes too much time. Since I like my look to be natural and light, applying just a little can make a big difference and it doesn't take any time at all."

Natasha has learned that buying makeup at the drug store is the best value. Expensive makeup never worked any better for her and the long-lasting lipstick is much cheaper too. Because she likes to experiment, it makes sense to buy 2 or 3 shadows for a few dollars.

She says mascara all works about the same, so she suggests that you save your money and get it at the drugstore too.

"My skin is more normal than perfect. Since I really have to work to have good skin, I spend more and buy the bare mineral type of cover up, base, foundation or powder," says Natasha. "When I use that as a barrier, it keeps my skin from reacting to other products and it allows me to have good looking skin without spending a fortune."

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