Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ZestADZ Brings Free Mobile Email and IM to India

ZestADZ, India’s first mobile advertising marketplace has formed partnership with Berggi , a leading mobility messaging solutions provider based out of Houston, Texas to provide free mobile email & IM application called ‘BerggiMail’.

“Mobile Email & IM are the two most compelling mobile application and we’re glad to bring this to India”, said Terry Uppal, President Mobile-worx adding that, “Advertisers will get access to a large group of sophisticated, young technology users with the launch of this application”.

“BerggiMail is the most convenient way to stay in touch and provides a credible alternative to expensive email solutions that are already available in India”, said Cristina Erroz T., V.P Business Development, Berggi Inc.

ZestADZ will deliver contextually relevant advertisements during the use of the application. BerggiMail will pull ads from ZestADZ and display them during the start and at the end of the application.

BerggiMail is a very sticky application that works on the most simplest of mobile phones and requires a normal GPRS connection to run. The application has been extensively tested in India and is in use by thousands of customers who have downloaded it, in its beta stage. The most important feature of BerggiMail is that it can be configured to any of the existing email & IM services like yahoo, hotmail etc.

ZestADZ will enable advertisers to launch highly targeted and relevant campaigns for users of BerggiMail. Campaigns can be targeted based on the handset type, location and other parameters.

Users can download Berggi from

About ZestADZ

ZestADZ is India’s first complete, mobile advertising marketplace. ZestADZ enables advertiser to reach their customers on the mobile. ZestADZ deliver to target highly, relevant mobile text and banner ads within SMS, WAP and J2ME mobile applications and games.

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About Mobile-worx

ZestADZ is a service provided by mobile-worx, a leading provider of mobility solutions with offices in US, India and Malaysia.

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About Berggi

Berggi was founded by a team of seasoned and successful mobile and Internet industry executives to provide better and more cost effective solutions for mobile messaging. The result is a reliable and unique mobile messaging service which is radically simpler, less expensive and far more useful than other options available today.

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