Monday, October 29, 2007 Partners with K Capital, a premier mobile and online social networking portal and K Capital, a reputed Business forum organizer, today announced their partnership. This partnership provides K Capital access to Indyarocks’ Integrated media platform to extend the value of its Business Forums beyond the day of the event. Indyarocks in turn will be able to host reputed business workshops and knowledge forums online and provide business value to its members.

“This year we already have become the online hosts for major events such as Hyderabad 10k Marathon, TiE-ISB Connect and VLSI International Conference.” said Kalyan Manyam, Founder, Indyarocks. “Through the partnership with Knowledge capital, we now will be able to provide our members with an exclusive online access to reputed international knowledge speakers like Verne Harnish and Harry Beckwith.”

“Indyarocks is revolutionizing the way people interact and share knowledge, particularly with its seamlessly integrated mobile and online services,” said Raghoo Potinii, CEO at K Capital. “We’re excited that this partnership enables us to extend the overall value of our knowledge workshops by allowing our speakers to be in touch with their audience pre and post the event. This is a great way for us to share the immense knowledge that gets created in our workshops” aims to provide a complete social experience by bringing various social and professional events online, thereby allowing enhanced networking between people with similar interests.

About PhoneLinx Communications

PhoneLinx Communications is a new age Mobile Lifestyle solutions company based out of San Jose, California and Hyderabad, India. PhoneLinx will be introducing its various interactive mobile applications and offerings through its unified social networking platform PhoneLinx vision is to redefine life on the move.

About K Capital

K Capital is committed to providing an extraordinary perspective for educating the next generation of business leaders in India. Its business workshops /programs present a global perspective in a variety of formats - with each program designed to leave a lasting impact on you and your organization. We bring together the best faculty, their research and business leaders to help you to address your business challenges and dramatically improve your business performance.

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