Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dilithium Extends its Technology Leadership with New Multimedia Gateway Release

Dilithium, the leading supplier of converged video solutions, announced the 2.2.1 release of its latest DTG 2000 Multimedia Gateway incorporating state-of-the-art video technologies of MONA, WNSRP, H.264 video transcoding as well as extended IMS support. The DTG 2000 Release 2.1.1 is available immediately.

MONA (Media Oriented Negotiation Acceleration or ITU-T H.324 Annex K) is a recently standardized video session set-up time acceleration technique that significantly improves the video customer experience by reducing the session setup time to around one second, comparable to voice calls. The new release DTG fully supports all of the three MONA terminal classes for the best performance and flexibility with any handset. Full support for WNSRP (Windowed Numbered Simple Retransmission Protocol) is also provided in this release. WNSRP accelerates the transport of command and control messages in video calls. The MONA and WNSRP techniques are mandated by the ITU-T and recommended by 3GPP for video calling technologies, including video value added services, and use Dilithium technologies at their core.

"The DTG 2000 now also incorporates end to end support for H.264. The H.264 video codec, which delivers stunning quality at the low data rates used in wireless communications, was ratified as part of the MPEG-4 standard (MPEG-4 Part 10) as well as ITU-T Recommendation H.264," says Mitch Lewis, Senior Vice President for Dilithium's Service Provider Business Unit. "This ultra-efficient technology provides excellent results across a broad range of bandwidths, from 3G mobile devices, broadband and internet, to HD for broadcast and DVD. Earlier releases of the DTG 2000 supported H.263 and MPEG-4 video (MPEG-4 Part 2) with full transcoding, transrating and Video Refresh(TM) support."

The DTG 2000 is the leading multimedia platform enabling a wide range of converged video value added services such as live TV, video portals, video surveillance, video blogging, video push, and video ring back tones. These applications enable operators to create and offer enhanced video services such as video ringback tones, video chat, video blogging and live TV. The DTG 2000 is also used as a combined IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) video gateway, and more specifically as a MGCF/IMS-GW (Media Gateway Control Function and IMS media gateway). Dilithium is the first to market with a multimedia gateway incorporating these technologies.

About Dilithium

Dilithium is the global leader in converged video solutions for the mobile, broadband and internet markets. Dilithium pioneered 3G video communications and our technologies are deployed by the major network operators, content owners, aggregators and equipment providers. www.dilithiumnetworks.com

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