Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Developing St. Louis as a brand

St. Louis hopes to brand itself as a distinctive tourist destination with a new logo and a slogan that is a bit of a play on the city's name.

The slogan is "St. Lou is all within reach," and the image for the campaign includes a graphic representation of the Gateway Arch bridging the intentional space between "St. Lou" and "is" in the slogan.

St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission president Kitty Ratcliffe said the shimmering Gateway Arch is the symbol most identified with the city and has worldwide recognition.

"It is our Eiffel Tower. It is our Nike swoosh," she said.

The brand aims to tie into the notion that St. Louis has exceptional attractions, like its sports teams, architecture, museums and parks, but a lower cost of living and fewer hassles than some bigger cities.

A related advertising campaign will run from around Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, encouraging people to visit St. Louis in the winter. Ads will run in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa, Tennessee and Indiana.

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